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The Victorian Flower Oracle Deck - our own stash

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This deck has been out of print for many years. We have now decided to make our own personal collection of them available. We have very few indeed of this complete, unused shrink-wrapped deck with box.

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We always put aside some decks from anything we print as over the years we sometimes need to replace cards etc. Our stashes tended to get lost in our very crowded little studio in Prague, but have come to light since our move to Ireland.

As the deck was published many years ago, and we don't intend to reprint, it now seems best to let them go on to homes where they will be used.

The Victorian Flower oracle was based on our own hand-coloured first edition of J.J. Grandville's Les Fleurs Animées.

Th original images are exquisite and we tried to be true to their quality when we prepared them for this deck.

The deck comes complete with an informative little white booklet by Sheila Hamilton.