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Slight Second. A Hundred Fans, Japanese antique silk foldover pouch.

€28.00 EUR €35.80 EUR

Slight seconds with a strap that isn't quite straight - it goes a little down at the righthand side.

Please note that these images are from the original listing and are not of this particular bag. Each of these bags is different as it's cut from a different part of the silk piece.

A great, charcterful print with many fans in soft blue, ivory, salmon pink and olive green against a muted black background. This is pure silk and we lined it in a vintage Japanese pure silk in bright scarlet. 

This was originally one of the older-style silk kimonos, so this bag can only be made in limited numbers and is unrepeatable.

Please also note that although we have carefully washed and dried the lining of this bag, vintage fabrics in scarlet/red can be prone to running (we didn't notice any issues when we washed it, but feel we should mention this). Please just be sure to keep this bag from getting wet. It won't transfer any colour under normal usage.

More details
  • Good size to fit most tarot decks (and/or reading glasses!) 6.8  * 4.6 inches  (17 * 12 cm).
  • Fully lined in vintage Japanese pure silk in bright scarlet. This is an old, and very beautiful silk.
  • Enhanced with Bababarock Limited Edition label.