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Devil Marionette 3. Large wooden carved 19th century English puppet from the Tiller Clowes collection. Extremely rare.

€1,450.00 EUR
Extremely rare 19th century (1870s-1890s)  antique puppet/Marionette that we purchased from a famous English collection. This is one of three Devil puppets that we have. The Devils would probably have been used as thrilling entertainments during intervals in the main show. They are grotesque, bizarre and altogether wonderful.

 Tiller Clowes was a well-known 19th century touring company which was renowned  for the quality of their marionettes. You can see some the collection of Tiller Clowes that the Victoria and Albert museum holds HERE

This is a very large puppet at  64cm x 18cm x 9cm.

Please note that this is a very old piece and the fabrics (mainly cotton with paper and gilt add-ons) show their age and are now quite delicate, though all in all they are in good condition for display. 

We will pack very carefully and we would recommend insurance so the shipping shown is approximate. Please note that shipping is not included - contact us for an insured shipping quote to your country, we aim to make shipping costs very reasonable.