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Love is Enough - embroidered antique silk brocade Love Heart Charm

€42.00 EUR
Short description

Make your own magic! Our new Love Heart Charms are a way to bring a little enchantment into your home.

This heart is beautifully embroidered (by us) on an antique silk brocade that was part of a 19th century English coat. It's in lovely, soft colours. The softly coloured tassel is also vintage, from the collection of a retired Parisian interior designer.

This heart is backed with the silk-velvet that we know you love. The lined, embroidered pocket on the back is for you to add your own special, wishful elements. 

Please note that this is an antique fabric. Every heart will look different, as they are all cut from different pieces of the fabric.


How to prepare your Love Heart Charm

Gather elements for your wish that carry emotion and memory-

  • A photo or drawing
  • A written hope or wish
  • A small gemstone
  • Some herbs and/or dried petals

  • A little salt or charcoal (warning, charcoal is messy!)
  • A piece of jewellery
  • A fragment of cloth with a history

Make your wish-

  • Add your choices to the pocket of your Love Heart Charm
  • Go slowly, be intentional, enjoy the process
  • Invoke your wish by saying it aloud three times
  • Hang your charm where you will see it daily
  • Be open to insight and intention whenever you see your charm

Full description
  • Generous size. Approx 24 cm * 14 cm (including tassel but not including hanging loop). This is about 9.5 * 5.5 inches.
  • Antique silk brocade fabric from the 19th century - Once the fabric is all used, these hearts are not repeatable as it can't be sourced again.
  • Designed and stitched individually — by us. The embroidery is very high quality as we use German threads and stitch with great care.
  • Pocket is fully lined in a toning silk-mix fabric for a little extra touch of care.
  • Vintage French "new old" tassel.
  • Hand-embellished with Czech glass beads around the edge.