Pre-order. Second LAYAWAY Payment. The Bohemian Gothic Tarot - with cold stamping. Large format, limited edition.

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SECOND LAYAWAY PAYMENT. This is the final payment of TWO staged payments.

Please do NOT order this SECOND LAYAWAY PAYMENT if you have not already ordered a FIRST LAYAWAY PAYMENT.

We ask that the final layaway payment be made within two months of the first. We will send one reminder email for the second payment but if payment is not then made on time, we will have to cancel and refund your first payment without any further reminder.

Please note also that the total pre-order price, if you pay with a layaway, is slightly more expensive than paying the full pre-order in one payment, to allow for the greater admin time required.

10% discount code for a first order cannot be applied to this pre-order, as it's already got a great discount!

This is the first time we have ever been able to offer a limited and and large format edition of The Bohemian Gothic Tarot. We think these larger decks will be spectacular and we're delighted to be able to design this glorious format.

Please note that this is a pre-order (with discount to thank you for waiting until publication). We expect that the deck will be published and shipping in October 2023. The special pre-order price will be offered until June 22nd.

Any items ordered with a pre-order item will ship all together once the pre-order item is available in October.

About 15 cards will be redesigned, some substantially and others less noticeably. There will be some tweaks (mainly in colouring) on all cards and of course cold-stamping - in "cold" silvery colours - will be added to all cards. The Limited Edition deck will also have two extra cards - the imagery of these is not yet decided.

This cult deck is a deeply atmospheric set of cards that's steeped in the dark  romanticism of Victorian Gothic fantasy. The imagery doesn't follow any stories exactly, Instead it's designed to be evocative of the work of Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, Sheridan Le Fanu, Mary Shelley, M. R. James, Henry James, Robert Louis Stevenson and their contemporaries.  When you use these cards, we leave you to imagine your own eerie and mysterious stories - if you dare!

  • This is a signed and numbered Limited Edition - 990 decks only will be printed in a strictly limited edition that will not be repeated
  • 81 fully-illustrated cards - including title card and TWO extra cards. We have not yet decided on which extra cards will be included but will make sure they are beautiful.
  • Many changes from the earlier editions - these vary from slight alterations of colour to extensive reimagining of imagery.
  • Very large format fully illustrated cards, 165 * 100 mm (about 6.5 * 4 inches) plus a title card.
  • Cold-stamped. This is an underlaid ink but gives the impression of a metallic overlay. It is NOT actually metal though, so there are no metal-allergy issues. See pictures for the effect.
  • This limited edition deck comes in a black wooden hinged box with a silver title and graphics. These boxes are made specially for us in Czech Republic. Please note that because in Europe there are now no supplies of birch from Russia, the alternative birch wood used in this box may show some grain and knots - we actually rather like that as it shows it came from a tree!
  • Printed in Europe under our careful supervision.
  • Printed on 330 gram European playing-card stock with an inner core to protect against bending and folding.
  • Varnished with semi-matte varnish so that the varnish is not too shiny.
  • A detailed booklet is included. This will have less information than the companion book that is also available, but is comprehensive enough to allow you to use the deck.
  • Supplied with a printed bag in cotton. There are also some very special bags available as optional extras - also at 20% pre-order discount - see below!

We also have optional items listed separately. These include:

  • Extensive and highly-illustrated companion book with coloured card illustrations.
  • A selection of hand-made foldover pouches in a large size designed to fit this deck. Many of these feature very special fabrics and some are embroidered. The embroidery is designed by us and sewn in our studio in Killarney. The bags are also sewn by our own seamstresses. 

For 20% discount on a Bohemian Gothic bag when bought with the deck, please use code: GOTHIC20.


FAQs on coupons and pre-orders.

I'd like to pay in one payment - how do I do that?
Yes, please see separate listing for a single payment HERE. It is slightly less expensive to pay in one payment, as it involves less admin for us.

Can I use more than one discount code at once?
You can only apply one discount code at a time— it's the way the shop is set up and there is no way we can over-ride that. 

Please work out which discount is best for you (you can always save your reward points for another order or a free treat.)

Is there a companion book?
Yes. There is a full companion book available separately. We sell the books separately as we find that some people (for example, non English speakers) would rather buy without a book.

What other Bohemian Gothic Tarot items will be available?
We also have a standard-sized deck available separately and a selection of handmade foldover bags and printed drawstring bags.

However, the Limited Edition box is large, and will fit a deck that's in a bag. So you can put the LE deck inside one of our large foldovers (the ones made specially for it) and it will then be possible to put the bag containing the deck inside the large box. However, the wooden box is really very large and quite heavy, so we don't make bags big enough to hold these boxes!

What's the difference between "short run" and Limited Edition?
With our Limited Editions we guarantee never to reprint that edition. So once the decks are gone, no more will ever be printed. It's that simple. We have never reprinted a Limited Edition deck, and never will.

With a "small-run" open edition deck, though we aren't printing nearly as many as a mass-market deck but we reserve the right to reprint in the future. It doesn't mean we definitely will reprint, but we might and so an open edition is NOT guaranteed to be limited.