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La Lune silk velvet embroideries - samples

€25.00 EUR €76.00 EUR

Short description

Gorgeous samples of our La Lune embroideries. These are slight seconds as some of the stitching is a little bit loopy - it's slight and not at all noticeable.

We've designed the embroidery and we stitch it here ourselves so it's really sumptuous with lots of metallics and with the "La Lune" title in silver metallic.

The blue velvet colour is wonderfully intense.

Comparison price is for two wristlets - please note that these are NOT wristlets, they are unmade up embroideries.

Please note that though the photo shows two embroideries on the same piece of fabric, these samples are on two separate pices of silk velvet.

More details
  • Good large size - each embroidery is 11 cm (about 4 inches) across
  • Embroidered by us in our studio in Ireland - we use the best threads and "real silver" metallics (tricky to work with but they do give the best results).