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The Bohemian Gothic Tarot third edition, MINI deck - No Box Special

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Short description

We have a limited number of these decks without a box but these ones also have no little white booklet. So we are giving you the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful deck at a very special discounted price!

The third edition mini deck is available. This deck has had changes to all the cards, but most of these are minor (lighting and background changes) while others are more significant.

Only 1000 of these decks have been printed — we will not be reprinting in this format. This small edition has beautiful foiled silver backs — just to add a special touch.

Please note that the box and the little white booklet shown in these images are NOT included in this listing.

More details

We've reissued this cult deck in a new third edition. It's a deeply atmospheric set of cards that's steeped in the strange romanticism of Victorian Gothic fantasy.

  • Only 1000 of these mini decks were printed.
  • 79 fully-illustrated cards (not including title card).
  • Cards are printed on high quality 300 grm playing card stock with an inner carbon layer. This protects against bends and tears.
  • Mini card size — 83*50mm (a little over 3.4*2 inches).
  • Foiled silver backs — these make the cards very gem-like.
  • Most cards have been changed from the second edition (these changes vary from slight to dramatic)
  • There is one extra, The Lovers, based on the image from the first edition, that can be used as a bookmark or framed or, if you prefer, of course included in readings.
  • Please note that the box and little white booklet shown in these images are NOT included in this listing.

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot (first edition) was voted number one "Deck of the Year" 2007 on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, the largest online tarot forum in the world.