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Antique Bohemian garnet pendant. Victorian, genuine Bohemian garnets.

€195.00 EUR

This is an antique piece from around 1900 (verified as genuine antique Bohemian garnet by the Austrian auction house that we sourced it from). These old Bohemian garnets have a wonderful deep blood red colour - by candlelight they take on a particularly romantic glow.

The pendant is in lovely condition and has a good large stone in the centre which gives it quite a lavish look. It has a really nice three-dimensional design.

  • About 2.5 cm across (one inch).
  • Probably tombak, which is an alloy made to look like silver - very commonly used in antique Bohemian garnet jewellery.
  • Nice bale at the top - this looks as though it is probably 9 karat gold.